Pool Rules

Main Pool Rules:

1. There is no smoking in the pool area or in the parking lot.
2. No wearing of flotation devices on diving boards.
3. The shallow end of the pool is for parents and children and non-swimmers. Children unable to swim should be in this area at all times.
4. Please do not approach a lifeguard while he/she is on duty; questions should be directed to the desk clerk or manager.
5. In the event of a thunderstorm, all patrons will be asked to exit the pool. After waiting 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder, patrons will be allowed back into the water. Any patron who paid an admission will NOT be reimbursed or issued a rain check.
6. In the event of rain without thunder, patrons will be allowed to swim until the bottom of the pool can no longer be seen by the lifeguards. At this point all patrons will leave the water until the rain subsides upon the lifeguard’s discretion.
7. Proper swimming clothes will be worn when swimming in the pool. Patrons are expected to wear clothing in the pool that was made for swimming such as swim trunks, surfer shirts, wet suits etc… Street clothes including cut off jeans, loose fitting tank tops and T-shirts present a hazard and are not permissible.
8. Children who are able to swim and/or over the age of 5 will not be allowed in the baby pool.
9. The lap lane is for swimming laps only!
10. No running in the pool area.
11. While on the diving boards, you are allowed one bounce before jumping into the pool. No one will be allowed to jump on the board and fall seated on the board before going into the pool.
12.  Children ages 11 and under must be supervised by someone 16 years old or older at all times.


Baby Pool Rules:
1. Patrons using the baby pool must wear swimsuits.
2. Diapers are no longer allowed in the baby pool; regular disposable diapers are not leak proof, therefore disposable swimmer diapers should be worn by all patrons.
• Though these are our policies as listed, we reserve the right to add to this list as deemed appropriate. If patrons are behaving in a reckless or inappropriate manner we and the lifeguards reserve the right to restore the environment to a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.
• Any violation of rules could result in disciplinary action in the form of a reminder (warning), benching, or removal from the pool grounds. Though these are the disciplinary actions of the pool staff, they are in specific order and will be applied to individual offenses. Thank you for your cooperation!